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Army Soldiers At Parade

Hello Veterans

We thank you for your service. We understand that the transition between any branch of the service and civilian life creates challenges. A change in setting, a change in structure, and a change in camaraderie. Whether you are cycling out, or on a transition, life is going to be different.

There is a different mentality in the civilian world, and it does not always understand what you have been through, the things you have seen, or the challenges you have faced in the line of duty. No matter your role in the Military changes can be difficult and seemingly unrelenting. Keep your ‘Can DO’ attitude and you will succeed.

Remember, you do not have to do it alone. Even if it has been years since your transition there is help here for you. The links below are to help with resumes and cover letters for a civilian job set. Many of your service skills will help you in the civilian world and make you and undeniable asset to any job, even if it is a new path or a temporary station while you figure things out.

Helpful links:

Employment Fundamentals of Career Transition (EFCT) Materials | U.S. Department of Labor (

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